Group Insurance Benefit QUOTATIONS

Are you considering a new group benefit insurance plan for your business?

Or, are you thinking of restructuring your group insurance benefits?

Perhaps you are thinking of changing insurers?







  1. Initial meeting – I will arrange a meeting with  you to learn more about your company, the people and your corporate culture.  As well, we will identify your goals and objectives for installing, or revisiting your group plan.
  2. Gather information about your company – in order to provide a quote, the insurer requires the demographics of the people in your company.  If you currently have a plan, you will also need to provide a copy of your current group booklet, so we can match the benefits, providing an apples to apples comparison.  See the bottom of the page for the Employee Data Form and other information needed.
  3. Quotations – Quotations will be requested from the leading group insurance insurers.  I approach companies that, in my experience, have provided the best plans, service and consistent rates fo your size and nature of business.
  4. Time frame – it takes about 2-4 weeks to receive the quotes, analyse them, request any modifications and prepare a detailed comparison for your consideration.
  5. Presentation Meeting – we then meet with you to review the findings and make recommendations, matching the right plan to your business.








JPEG of Employee Data Form for pic on website - Jan 2014


FOR A NEW PLAN –  Information Needed

  • Employee Data Form –    you can download it here. 

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A PLAN – Information Needed

  • Employee Data Form-    you can download it here. 
  • employee booklet – current insurer
  • unit rates – 3 years
  • claims experience – 3 years



If you are interested in obtaining a group quotation
please email me at: