Looking for old or lost life insurance policies?

Looking for old or lost life insurance policies? Perhaps, you are an executor to a family member’s estate, and don’t know where to look for any policies. Or perhaps, you know you purchased a policy light years ago, but cannot remember where it is. Sweetie-pie, my poodle, would like to … Continue reading

Leave a Love Note

How will your loved ones  – know why, for what. and for whom –  you purchased life insurance? Whenever I receive a call from a beneficiary about a loved one that has passed away, they call, give me the details, we talk about what is needed to file a claim. And … Continue reading

The Big Impact of Inflation – Your life insurance policy needs to get from Today to Your Future

Providing long term security for you and your family means: Planning for the day the policy will actually be used. You purchase a life insurance policy today, to protect for an unexpected event today, and for tomorrow.  That is very important.  When planning for life insurance protection that is meant to last your … Continue reading

…What a great meeting – Michael MacMillan – Founder of Alliance Atlantis films.

      What a great event this morning.  It was a Power Breakfast event held by the Mississauga Board of Trade at the Port Credit Yacht Club.  I just loved arriving and seeing the sun rise over the sailboats in the water on beautiful Lake Ontario. Inside, everyone gathered … Continue reading

…New Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption……..an increase in the max amount……

$800,000 Capital Gains calculator

Part of doing an evaluation of life insurance needs is looking at your tax situation in the event of death. A big part of tax liability can be the result of owning shares in a privately held, incorporated business.  The business for which you worked hard, took risks and where … Continue reading