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Travel Insurance Brochures-Below


All the travel insurance plan details, and a handy chart to compare each plan so you can see what is right for you.



Travel Insurance – For Canadians  – Brochures
Travelling Out of Canada or Out of Province – 2017

Single Trip Plans, Multi Trip Plans,
All Inclusive Plans
Emergency Medical Travel Coverage – Up to $10,000,000
Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance, Baggage Loss/Damage & Delay Insurance
Flight & Travel Accident
and more.

If you are under age 60 – no medical questionnaire is required.
For ages 60 – 74 – a medical questionnaire is required to determine your rate category.


Manulife Travel Insurance - Brochure - 2017

      you can download it here:      


Manulife Travel Insurance - Plan Comparison Chart - 2017

The  Manulife Travel Insurance Plans Comparison Chart is a good summary of the plans and the rates.  All travel insurance plans are included on the chart.

The chart rates will give you an idea of how affordable your coverage can be. Visit my blog post for  Additional discounts such as Family, Travel Companion discounts, deductibles savings etc… are available by using the online quote system.

For an accurate quote, with available discounts, I invite you to use the online quote system for the coverage you are requesting.  It is quick and easy.

You can download the chart here:

P.S.  Manulife has enhanced the coverage for emergency medical for the amount you are responsible for if you do not call the call centre within 24 hours.  You are now responsible for 20% of the expenses, instead of 25%.  The snapshot still indicates 25%, but it should be 20%.  A good reminder too, to always call the Travel Assistance Hotline immediately.


Manulife Travel Insurance - Sample Policy - 2017

Knowing what your Travel Insurance Policy covers will give you peace of mind to enjoy yourself.

The following is a sample policy contract, not your contract. Though I strive to maintain the most current information available for you, it may happen that Manulife makes changes that have not been updated in this sample contract. So while it is good to read this, the one that matters is the one you receive with your confirmation of coverage from Manulife.  Please read your Manulife Travel Insurance Policy.

Reading your travel insurance policy is very important.  In particular, there are 4 coverage and exclusion clauses that are must reads, when you receive your policy contract. They are:
covering your pre-existing conditions and stability of pre-existing conditions, exclusions, misrepresentation and the 4th is – you must call the travel assistance call centre within 24 hours.

You can download the sample Manulife travel insurance policy here: 


TravelAid Mobile AppWhile travelling, you can have instant access to the Manulife Emergency Assistance Center using your mobile and the TravelAid App.
Visit the TravelAid page to download the free mobile TravelAid app.


Ages 60- 74 – Medical Questionnaire.  
The medical questionnaire is to determine your rate category.  Rate Categories are A, B, or C.
Most pre-existing conditions (there are a few exclusions) will be covered,  provided the condition is stable for a specific period of time, such as 3, 6 or 12 months.  The time frame is determined by your age and category.  See Sample Policy.

Under Age 60 –   No Medical Questionnaire-Your rate category is automatically a category “A”.
Most pre-existing conditions (there are a few exclusions) will be covered,  provided they are stable for a specific period of time.   For under age 60 the pre-existing condition/stability time period is 3 months.  See Sample Policy.

Visit my blog post on Discounts & Savings such as  Family and Travel Companion Discounts and Deductible Savings.  These discounts are available with the online quote system.


Highlight of the 4 must read clauses of your Travel Insurance Policy:
1.  Pre-existing Condition Clause/Stability Clause – Most pre-existing conditions  (there are a few exclusions) will be covered,  provided they are stable for a specific period of time, such as 3, 6 or 12 months.  The time frame is determined by your age and category.
Stability has a particular definition.  You must read the policy contract Stability Definition to see if your pre-existing condition will be considered stable and covered.  See the policy for details.
2.  Misrepresentation Clause– it is important to disclose all medical information asked (medical info questions are only if you are between age 60 -74), even if it doesn’t seem relevant or important.  Otherwise, the full claim can be denied, even if the information is unrelated to your emergency medical claim.
3. Exclusions – such as Hazardous Sports like mountaineering, hang-gliding etc….
4. You must call the Travel Center hotline within 24 hours of your medical emergency (unless your medical condition makes it impossible, then have someone call on your behalf)and going to claim.  If you do not call, the  Emergency Medical Travel coverage may be limited to only 80% of  your medical expenses.  You must call within 48 hours for Trip Cancellation and Baggage Claims.
5.  You much receive approval from the Travel Center hotline before any diagnostic tests such as MRIs, CTs, Ultrasounds etc. and you much receive approval from the Travel Center hotline before undergoing surgery.  If not approved, then you will not be covered.  You will be covered when it is impossible to get the approval due to incapacity,  and it is done immediately upon arrival in an Emergency Room.

Please read the full description of these 4 clauses in your travel insurance policy.

Note:  The product-related information on this website is for illustration purposes only. For complete benefits, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions, please see your policy contract. Please read and understand your policy before you travel.


What you will need with you when applying online:

Date of Birth for each person being covered.
Departure and Return Dates, Departure City and Destination

Only For Age 60-74  – Medical questions answered (to determine your rate category)
Credit Card Information

Travel Insurance-Instant-Quote-Here






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