Life Insurance Overview


It provides for a lump sum at death, payable to anyone of your choice.  Or it can be paid to your estate.


Protecting Future Memories

It is knowing, as you tenderly put your children to sleep at night, that if something happens to you, and you are no longer here,  they will be ok.  That they will have the futures you hope for them.


Home is Where the Heart Is

It is knowing, each time you walk through the front door of your warm and happy home, that if something happens to you, and you are no longer here, your home will still belong, and no banker or lender can force a sale.


A Lifetime Of Peace of Mind 

It is knowing, that in the years when you look back and see how much you have lived, loved, accomplished, and you look to the future – you know that all your savings can be used to live a good life.  And that there is life insurance to take care of those final expenses, so you don’t have to save part of your savings for that.


 Properly arranged, it can have some very special qualities. Such as:

  • creditor protection
  • bypassing administration fees, executor fees, estate and probate fees
  • it is tax free

And it can guarantee privacy when appointing a designated beneficiary.

Pay Off Debt 

  • mortgage
  • credit card debt
  • loans and lines of credit

Replace Lost Income

  • for families
  • until children are the age of majority or finished with their education

Pay Probate Fees (Estate Administration Tax)

Pay Final Return Income Taxes

  • outstanding income taxes
  • capital gains taxes – such as; income taxes related to transferring a cottage, second property, or business

Replace Education Savings

Pay for Final Expenses

  • last medical bills
  • last and running house expenses until sold – if that is the case
  • packing and moving expenses
  • winding up estate expenses, such as accountants and legal advice
  • funeral expenses

Business Needs

  • shareholder and partner buy/out insurance
  • keyperson insurance
  • collateral loan insurance



Thinking of reviewing your life insurance needs?




Reviewing your insurance because a big life event is important.
Or simply because it has been a long time since your last review.

The best time to review is now.

If you would like more information, a review or have questions,

just email me.

It would be a pleasure to be of service.




 Providing Long Lasting Peace of Mind